Some wish to live within 

 the sound of church or chapel bells;  

we want to run a rescue shop  

within a yard of Hell!!!












Thank you for visiting the internet home of Bikers for Christ - Geneva Lakes Chapter.  Our chapter covers a broad area in the southeastern portion of WI and even crosses over into northern IL.  If you are a Christian grounded in your faith and would be interested in riding for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, would like to come and check us out or would like more info on Bikers for Christ, please get in touch with us.  


This Chapter was formed in October 2007 after some prayerful consideration.  The Lord kept bringing this ministry back up and we need to follow our Lord's guidance by listening to what He tells us.  Has the Lord been speaking to you lately that you too need to serve Him while riding your motorcycle?


Our Vision Statement:

Continue to spread the gospel to whoever we meet.

Minister to those in need

Provide spiritual help and services where we can.







Bikers for Christ is always looking to be active in ministry throughout the area and in our communities.  


Our "Gallery" is always a work in progress.  We'll continually be adding photos as time, events and years tick by.  Keep checking back often for photo galleries of events we've attended or held in the past.  If you'd like to catch up with us to talk bikes, to ride with us or if you need prayer or have some other spiritual needs, please contact us.  


"BFC HQ" will take you to the National/International Headquarters website where you can find information regarding membership, support and the history of Bikers for Christ Motorcycle Ministry. 


We hope you find our website useful and if you haven't trusted in Jesus Christ to save you from eternal death by accepting His FREE Gift, please READ THIS.

If you would like more information about our chapter, have questions about salvation or have any prayer requests, please continue on to the Contacts page to get in touch with us. 



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